Lunch Bentos - Week 27

February is just a crazy month for us. It's packed full of parties with a break week thrown in!  Birthday parties, Valentine parties, school parties and a holiday!  Luckily kid approved school lunches have saved us a bit of time in the mornings for the past few weeks :)

School Lunch - Chicken Tenders

These are ham on white wheat sandwiches with baby carrots, a mandarin orange and vanilla wafers.  The side is a Jello Lemon Meringue snack cup.

School Lunch - Popcorn Chicken

School Lunch - Chicken Teriyaki 

This is our Pucca inspired lunch.  It is a turkey on wheat sandwich.  The decorations are mandarin oranges for Pucca's hair and carrot slices and apple peel for her face.  The sides are vanilla wafers and baby carrots.