Lunch Bentos - Week 4

School Lunch - Hot Dog

This is rice mermaid with some leftover baked chicken. Carrots, cucumber skin and strawberry are used as decoration. The hair is a piece of turkey. Carrots and the rest of the strawberry fill out the box. The sides are grapes and baby carrots. 

The girls both wanted mermaids today!

To make this mermaid:
1.  Ramen is the hair
2.  Turkey is cutout for the body, face and arms
3.  Colored rice is formed into the tail
4.  Cutout carrot and cucumber peel is decoration 

The rest of the box is filled in with some extra turkey pinwheels. The sides are green and purple grapes. 

This is exactly the same mermaid!  The only difference is she wanted apple slices and fruit snacks as her sides :)

This is a turkey on white wheat bunny sandwich. The box is filled in with carrots and bologna pinwheels. The side is green and purple grapes. 

This is a ham on white wheat bear sandwich. The decorations are carrot slices, 1/2 a grape and a radish slice. The sides are green and purple grapes.