Lunch Bentos - Week 1

The summer is coming to a close and a new school year is starting.  I decided to share the lunch bentos I make for my 3 little siblings.  I usually try to make them into some cute characters and fill the boxes with fruits and other things each child likes to eat.  Two of them are pretty picky so it's unlikely that we have 2 of the same lunches on a given day.  The two younger children also prefer school lunch so I only make boxes for them when they don't like what the school offers.

Tuesday - Practice
This is our practice bento to start off the school year.  It's a pretty basic one with PB&J on white wheat bread.  An additional slice of bread is filled with jelly and used as the bunny ears. The rest of the box is filled with grapes, mandarin orange slices and a baby carrot. Carrot slices are used for decoration. The sides are animal crackers and fruit snacks. 

One of the sandwiches has turkey instead of PB&J since she prefers it over PB&J :)  The kids are pretty good about eating everything in the lunch unless they utterly detest it.  I found the carrot pieces, blueberries and lettuce left over.

Wednesday - First Day of School
This is a ham on white wheat butterfly sandwich.  Baby carrots are used as the body of the butterfly and cheese is used to decorate the butterfly wings.  The box is filled in with mandarin orange slices, grapes, and blueberries.  The sides are strawberries and blueberries. 

This is a ham on white wheat dog sandwich.  The ends of the loaf are used to make the ears and carrot slices are used for decorating the face.  The box is filled in with egg omelet pinwheels, ham pinwheels and cheese pinwheels.  The sides are cheese crackers, mandarin orange slices and a grape. 

This is a rice mermaid with egg omelet hair and a ham tail.  The stars are cutout of carrot slices and cucumber peel is used to decorate the face.  The box is filled in with cucumber slices and ham pinwheels.  The sides are cucumber slices, mandarin orange slices and a grape. 

We had some fun putting together this bento!  Leftover chicken teriyaki is the rock/ocean bottom, blue-colored rice is the tail, regular rice is the body, a hard-boiled egg is the face and arms, turkey is the hair and cucumber is used for seaweed. The rest of the egg is sliced and tucked behind the hair. The stars are out of carrot slices and cucumber skin is used for the face.  The sides are grapes and mandarin orange slices. 

My 9 y/o loves mermaids so I foresee many mermaid themed bentos for the year :)

Today, we're having rice balls in the form of a hungry caterpillar for lunch!  They're filled with chicken teriyaki. Some additional chicken teriyaki is the ground cover. Blueberries are the feet, a strawberry for the head and carrots for antennae.  The rest of the box is filled with grapes, a baby carrort and a cheese pinwheel for the sun.  The sides are mandarin orange slices and grapes.