Pork Banh Mi *

From Plated

My first Plated box arrived last week. I found that everything was nicely packaged and labeled. All the ingredients arrived nicely cool and fresh.  The box included ingredients for 6 meals, 2 meals for each of the 3 recipes in the box.  A difference from the Blue Apron box is that most of the ingredients for the 3 different recipes are separated and bagged together. This is a nice convenience that was missing from the Blue Apron box.   Once again there is an excessive amount of packaging.

A main difference with Blue Apron is that the price per week can vary depending on the type of meal you pick. This means a box can range from the minimum $48/box + $6 shipping (you have to pay for shipping if your box is less than $50) for 4 meals (2 portions of 2 recipes) up to $120/box for 6 meals (2 portions of 3 recipes) if you choose 3 Chef's Table recipes ($20/portion). 

So far we are enjoying the convenience of the deliveries. I also like not having to think about what I'll make for dinner a few nights out of the week. For these reasons we'll keep Plated on our menu selection šŸ˜„