Georgetown Cupcake vs. Treat Cupcake Bar

This weekend turned into a cupcake weekend!  After the dismal cupcakes from the last Capcakery, I promised the kids some tasty ones. Plus it was Father's Day and we had company so cupcakes got me out of dessert duty :) 

I picked up cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake and Treat Cupcake Bar. Treat Cupcake Bar is new to us so we were excited to try their flavors. As you can see from the photo, the cupcakes from Treat are almost double the size of the Georgetown cupcakes. The pricing is as follows:

Georgetown:  $3 each - $16.50 1/2 dozen - $32 dozen. I bought a 1/2 dozen for $17.65. 

Top row:  Key Lime - Red Velvet - Coconut
Bottom row:  Vanilla Birthday - Cookies & Cream - Lava Fudge

Treat:  I bought a 1/2 dozen at $3.75 each. One was a special one and was $5. The total was $23.75 for a 1/2 dozen. 

Top row:  Caramel Delight - Funky Chunky Oreo - Bugs Bunny
Bottom row:  S'Mores (This was the $5 cupcake) - Lemon Drop - Red Velvet

We did a comparison with the red velvet cupcake since I got one from each store. We preferred the Georgetown cupcake, it was a great balance. We found that although the Treat cupcake was very good, the frosting was a tad too sweet. 

Overall, although the cupcakes from Treat were much larger and were very good we preferred the ones from Georgetown.   Georgetown Cupcake is going to remain our favorite Cupcakery :)


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