Dessert from Queen's Cup

I finally tried out this little cupcake shop this past weekend.  I'd read good reviews about it and my cousin said the cupcakes were moist and tasty.  I typically do not write negative reviews but these cupcakes were that bad. 

Although the cupcakes are nicely decorated and look very pretty we found them to be hard and dry.   Also all the different flavors tasted pretty similar.  They tasted like a vanilla cupcake. The cupcakes were such a miss that the kids, who pretty much love anything with frosting, could not finish their individual cupcake. 

Maybe it was just an off day but at $17 ($16 + tax) for 6 cupcakes (This is on par with the pricing at Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury, our favorite Cupcakery :)), I'm unlikely to give it another chance.  

Top row:  Cookies & Cream - New York Cheesecake - Raspberry Margarita 
Bottom row:  Cookies & Cream - Strawberry Milkshake - Vanilla