Steamed Cod **

From Blue Apron

I helped cook my first Blue Apron meal this weekend. Blue Apron sends you the ingredients to prepare 6 meals (2 portions of 3 recipes) for 59.99/box.  You have the option to skip weeks if you'll be out of town or the meals that week don't interest you.  The box arrived damaged but everything inside remained safe. All the ingredients were nicely labeled and easily identifiable. The package contained colorful recipe cards. The recipe we followed was easy and the end result was similar to the photo on the recipe.

The only cons were that 2 of the 3 recipes were incredibly basic, really who doesn't know how to make a burger and a salad, and the excessive amount of packaging. But despite that, I wouldn't mind a few nights of not having to think about what to make for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and will be making Blue Apron a part of my summer menu planning. 


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