Fruit Gummy Snacks **

The kids love fruit snacks so we attempted to make our own today. The basic recipe is to use one envelope of Knox unflavored gelatin per 1/2 cup of fruit juice.

The kids enjoyed the whisking and cutting out the shapes. And since these fruit snacks are made out of 100% juice, they can have as much as they want :)

One envelope Knox gelatin per 1/2 cup of juice
Juice of your choice

1.  Sprinkle gelatin over room temperature juice and let sit about 2 minutes to soften.

2.  Heat juice/gelatin mixture in a saucepan until it boils. Continue whisking the mixture to make sure all the gelatin has dissolved. Let the mixture cook about 10 minutes.

3.  Remove from heat and let cool about 2 minutes. 

4.  Pour into a shallow pan and refrigerate until set, about 30 mins - 1 hour depending on the thickness. 

5.  Once set, cut out shapes using small cutters.  Store in air tight containers. Enjoy!

Here we used mango nectar, peach nectar, guava nectar, and orange juice for the gummy snacks. I used a quarter sheet pan per 1 1/2 cup of juice. I found the small cutters at Jo-Ann fabrics in the clay section. The containers we purchased at Target.